We follow up the administrative and port procedures for smooth and timely berthing and sailing-off of vessels. Our customers are proudly offered first class vessel and port agency services at cost effective fees and favorable local charges. Our professional, experienced and qualified management and operations staff are proactive and forward thinking which ensures that potential problems are anticipated and reacted upon, preventing them to aggravate.

Furthermore, our company will provide you with up-to-date port conditions, loading/unloading methods, berth restrictions, local holidays, local port regulations, important local weather influences, estimated port call duration and a competitive estimation of port and cargo charges.

When appointed as Agent the services hereafter will be provided

  • Establish competitive PDA and FDA with accuracy
  • Constantly assisting the master and crew when receiving local authorities on board vessel to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.
  • Ensure the commercial operation is going on well, receive and attend cargo claims on behalf of our client
  • Constant report on the commercial operation and update on the Estimated Time of Completion (ETC) as well as Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)
  • Good time management by clear coordination and evaluation with port and cargo operators
  • Providing cash to master upon request
  • Purchases at low cost to achieve port costs savings
  • Ships supplies and crew change


Based on your charter party an agent may be appointed to which you may not like but as ship owner, manager or operator you have the right do appoint a protective agent to follow up your activities during a port call as well as assist you where the appointed agent fails.

Our company will render to you the services hereunder as protecting agent

  • Give the Master assistance during boarding of Port and administrative authorities
  • Constant report and updates on ETA, ETB, ETC and ETD as well as daily cargo operations and provide SOF
  • Work in collaboration with the master and operator to get fast turnaround
  • Provide the usual scope of husbandry agency services
  • Providing cash to master upon request
  • Check, control and take care of administrative and financial matters


Taking care of your vessels and crew requirements in Cameroon in particular and African at large isn’t an easy task but we will use broad networks to assist you in working with the top surveyors, suppliers and ship chandlers during your port call. We do provide the following husbandry services:

  • Ship’s spares supplies. Timely delivery of ship’s spares for onshore and offshore maintenance regarding the importance of this service.
  • Reputable Ship chandler to offer the most competitive food and store supplies, as well as other ship and crew requirements
  • Sludge and bile water removal. Sludge removal is free for large quantities.
  • Cash delivery to master upon request
  • Work permit and Licenses. We’ll help you get the necessary work permits and licenses requested.
  • Standby jobs like painting and basic ship maintenance
  • Crew change services; get entry and exit visas for ship crew as well as express visas for other ship’s administrators, transportation of crew and ship administrators between airport, vessel and hotel as requested
  • Bunker Supply. Have competitive price supply for marine fuels, lube oils and fresh water
  • Security Services. We have arrangement with security service providers and can provide maritime security solutions
  • Other emergency services to vessel and crew.


As a result of our good job, many ship owners and operators prefer our crew change services because of the competitive rates and discounts we offer for larger parties. A good example is the crew change services offered during the ducking operations of M/V Saetta at the Cameroon Ship Yard in March 2013 which later changed name to M/V Naftilos after ducking. Over 50 persons including administrative staff who needed express visa on arrival were changed during this operation. We offer well secured and safe service in several zones of operation as seen hereunder;

  • Provide complete assistance from pre-arrival to on board the vessel or airport departures
  • Issue Letters of invitation
  • Arrangement of entry and exit visas for ship crew as well as express visas for other ships’ administrators
  • Prearrange medical treatment and doctors’ visits for visiting crew and administrators
  • Hiring and chartering of crew boat, launch & helicopter for offshore crew change
  • Personnel transportation with owned and leased vehicles (with registered drivers) to ultimate destinations
  • Booking of clean and reliable hotels and accommodation as required for the crew and only use locations that had been inspected by us

Advise on foreign worker quotas set by the governments for long stay crew members