Given our experience in this sector we are prepared to provide you nothing but the best services. As specialists since it is a complex practice in each port, all permits and clearances are arranged professionally and in compliance with all international and local regulations.

Our services includes ship handling, foodstuff supplies, man-power supplies and others. QTS SA will furnish all types of food and materials to crews offshore; including work materials, health/hygiene consumables, foodstuff, personal protective equipment, safety equipment and gadgets, crew boats, Tug Boats (handling anchor supply vessels) etc. We are devoted in offering unrivalled and sophisticated offshore and onshore support services to oil & gas companies and other business institutions, in to enable them to develop the quality of their output. Moreover, we have a pool of technicians, engineers and auxiliary staff for offshore services, as the need arises. We pride ourselves in rendering international standard services at locally competitive prices.

Ship owners undertaking extended work in Cameroon, up-to-date accurate information and services for all matters related to permanent or temporary importation, as well as guidance on compliance with local legislation on cabotage is provided.